IGGI Conference 2017

It is once again that time of year where we head off to one of our partner institutions for the IGGI symposium conference. This year it was York’s turn to host us and the setup was a little different than last year.


We were asked to pitch talks and workshops for this year as well as the customary IGGI buzz. This is a customary one-minute talk covering what it is that we’ve been up to and what industry can get from speaking to us during the poster sessions.

This year I submitted a poster, my buzz slide, and workshop notes. I created my poster in LaTeX using Tkiz Poster. The buzz slide proved to be problematic as it needed to be edited in powerpoint. I’ve had trouble in the past editing these types of slides in OpenOffice so I decided to boot into windows to do it. This proved a fatal mistake on the office machine as it needed both more disk space and windows updates, costing me the better part of a day to do it. On the bright side, I learnt how to make beamer themes look like powerpoint ones.

For our workshop, we were showing our Hanabi web UI, based on organiser feedback we were asked to pitch the tool rather than the work behind it. This was fine and we moved some slides around to accommodate their changes. We also added the ability to upload text submissions to Comet for a mini-competition we organised as part of the workshop.


Our conference experience is a 3 day one, the first day is IGGI students only and features buzz practices, welcome talks for the new students and a few presentations by the assorted staff members. The slides this year focused heavily on feedback, but that’s a post for another time.

The second and third days of the conference are filled with keynotes and talks from both IGGI students and industry people. The IGGI talks were quite interesting and featured a range of research topics. These varied greatly from talks about casual cat collecting games to using Minecraft for AI research. It’s always interesting to see what other IGGI students and industry have been up to.

My IGGI Buzz slide for 2017

The third day also featured our Hanabi workshop, although the attendance wasn’t very good those that did turn up did so for the Hanabi component rather than the tools. We ended up getting 2 submissions for our competition. Our build scripts needed a bit of tweaking but we managed to get it working and it played games over the lunch break.

Overall, it was good to meet up with the other IGGI students again and meet games industry people. We also got a chance for board games and pizza which was pretty awesome.

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