For those of you who know me, Then you’ll know that I have tried to keep a blog for quite a long time though, but a number of factors have meant that I’ve not kept it up to date. I plan to keep this upto date, not that you’ll be interested. First off, I think I’ll write a little about me. Then I’ll think of stuff that you’ll be interested in reading about (things which are not, for example, what I did with my day.)

Right, I’m a college student in the united kingdom. 17 years old. 18 in april, so not long. My interests are very narrow, they include: Computers, Creative Commons/Free Culture, Website design and to be fair, that is about it. I am currently studying Physics, Media and Applied IT. Of these subjects I’d have to say that IT is probably my favourite at the moment, but it changes quite often.

When I’m not working on college work, playing with a script or working on some website I spend my time talking on IRC. I’ve also done some avitars for a phpbb forum, but that was years ago. At the beginning of this year I was producing a podcast for Unity Coders using audacity. I’m also quite useful when people find their computers aren’t working.

Personality wise, well… The words, “annoying”, “obsessive” and “freaky” are often used by others to describe me. To be fair, I am pretty eccentric and that tends to cause me not to get on with a lot of people. I’m very passionate about free software, and that’s often causing problems also. The concept of Creative Commons appeals to me, building and sharing work, allowing the work to be enjoyed by as many people as possible.

Now, Friends… for the reasons described above (and a few others) I don’t have that many close friends. Two or Three to be exact. There is one person, who most people who talk to be for any length of time will soon realise means a great deal to me, If you don’t know what I’m talking about, never mind.

But that is enough about who I am (after all, that is pretty boring), you want content, what I want to write about in this blog:

  • Interesting things I do, and if I encounter problems, the way in which i resolved them (in the hope it will be useful to others)
  • Anything notable about my life (but don’t worry, I’ll make sure it’s pretty damn notable before I post about it)
  • Interesting things I find when trying to get stuff done.

Basically, I’m going to keep stuff about me to a minimum, as I am quite possibly the most boring person you’ll ever have the displeasure to encounter.

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