Freenode Live – The First Day

I’m currently in Bristol for Freenode #live – a conference organised around Free Software by the folks behind Freenode. 


Freenode is holding the conference at We The Curious in Bristol, UK. The place is full of strange contraptions that people can play with. Freenode #live is being held upstairs, away from the exhibits but we got to have a look at them during the evening event. The venue feels like a good fit for Freenode.

The staff, both the event’s and Freenode’s have been extremely helpful. The presenters, attendees and exhibitors have all been extremely friendly, and we’ve all been hanging out on the associated IRC channel as well as in person.


Deb Nicholson

Deb Nicholson provided the opening keynote. An image filled presentation about people’s role in Free Software. Her presentation’s focus was on what kinds of things FOSS maintainers need to do to make their projects accessible to new contributors. There was a lot to think about in her talk, and I intend to go and tidy up some of FOSS Galaxy’s documentation as a result.

Chris Lamb

Chris Lamb is the Debian project leader, and he spoke about reproducible builds in general and specifically about them in Debian. His talk was well structured, entertaining and very well polished.

Nathan Handler

Nathan Handler is a Freenode staff member who spoke about behind the scenes at Freenode. Listening to the staff talk about how the project is organised and what they have been up to was interesting.


The evening featured a drinks reception with Matt Parker, of youtube fame. He had a bunch of projection related content and a spherical camera. His talk was entertaining, and he stuck around afterwards to talk with the attendees. He was asked for an autograph and signed it in binary which was pretty impressive. He also mentioned that the football symbol used on UK traffic signs is not a mathematically correct football, so naturally, he started a petition about it.

Overall, the first day of the conference has been fantastic. I’m really looking forward to the second day of the conference.

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