Damnit… I keep forgetting to post

Quite a lot has been going on recently, Firstly the cool stuff: I’ve changed Unity Coders over to drupal (a PHP based CMS) over from Joomla, another PHP based CMS. It’s still pretty much a blank canvas at the moment, which I want to expand and build upon. I’m not sure where to take the site though. It’s always been my aim to use the site to host forums and tutorials, which will be of intrest and help to people, problem is i’ve never been too sure on how to archive it. How should the tutorials be filed? what applications/websites should we support?

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For those of you who know me, Then you’ll know that I have tried to keep a blog for quite a long time though, but a number of factors have meant that I’ve not kept it up to date. I plan to keep this upto date, not that you’ll be interested. First off, I think I’ll write a little about me. Then I’ll think of stuff that you’ll be interested in reading about (things which are not, for example, what I did with my day.)

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