jTimetable – Timetable System

The University I’m at provides our timetable as an excel document. It’s basically a database dump of all the lessons in the department. Sorting though it is annoying if your not using a version of office with filtering. Even with filtering I don’t find the output very appealing. Not being one to miss the opportunity to write a bit of code to do what I’m too lazy to do myself, pyTimetable was born.

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Playing with C

I’ve recently been watching some videos a friend of (xray) liked me to… I’ve been meaning to learn C for a while… After all, it’s a language which compiles directly to assembly, which means (at least in theory) it should be faster than things like python and Java. I’m a big fan of OO (object orientated) programming, so something procedural like C could also be something a little different for me to try out.

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