Making the shut down button shut down the mashine (vista, laptop)

Okay, sorry for such a long title (I couldn’t think of a way to condense it). Vista on laptops has a nice habit of suspending instead of shutting down when you use the menu option, this from my point of view at least, is very very annoying. Here is how you stop it from happening.

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Songbird: Removing dead tracks

When I was at college recently, I connected my (now missing) mp3 player to my laptop in order to play some music which I didn’t have on my laptop. Nothing interesting there you say, other than the fact I misplaced something, well, in order to play said music I imported it into the media player I use in windows: Songbird. This is where things start getting fun…

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For those of you who know me, Then you’ll know that I have tried to keep a blog for quite a long time though, but a number of factors have meant that I’ve not kept it up to date. I plan to keep this upto date, not that you’ll be interested. First off, I think I’ll write a little about me. Then I’ll think of stuff that you’ll be interested in reading about (things which are not, for example, what I did with my day.)

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