Fedora 32 was released during the week, I've been putting off sorting out my mess of a desktop for a few months and this seemed like a good opportunity.

Before I started the upgrade, I made two Fedora 32 USBs. One of them had the standard live image on, and the other had the 'everything' install. The reason I created both was a little silly – I wanted to use the live Image to back up the data to my NAS before formatting and then was planning on using the 'everything' USB stick to install (as I could select only the packages I wanted).

Of course, I could have used the liveCD to install. I've been using Sway on my work machine since we moved office (blame Dan), but I noticed I had problems with default applications when using Sway. As a result, I re-installed but only kept the applications that I planned on using (not having any of the GNOME packages I didn't need).

Gnome shell on the Fedora 32 liveCD looks really nice. You can see little UI changes all over the place where the devs have been working hard to improve it. Still, I've gotten used to my workflow in the office and working from home I want to try and mimic it as much as possible.

First problem was that I couldn't figure out how to create a LVM group the way I wanted from the Fedora Installer (two disks, one with /, /boot, /boot/efi and one with /home). I gave up in the end and symlinked stuff from the second disk into /home.

It's taken me most of the day, but I've got my home machine back into a usable state, with all it's theming and tools.


Oh, and I even reported a possible bug against the OBS studio plug-in I use for Sway.